Jackie Chain + ST 2 Lettaz = Doobie Brothaz

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Doobie Brothaz

In early July I traveled home to Ohio for my sister's wedding. During my time home I attended a Doobie Brothers concert with the family. It was somewhere around “China Grove” that I thought, “how is it no hip hop group has adopted the name Doobie Brothers?” I got lost in my head on this quandry, wondering why Cocoa Brovaz, but no Doobie Brovaz. Who is best to team up with Devin The Dude in this supergroup? How disapppointed would I be if it ended up being a title to a Snoop and Wiz Khalifa album?

Well, Jackie Chain and ST 2 Lettaz just ended the absence of the most obvious rap group name reappropriation, by my estimation. The word is this record was completed long ago, but an unfortunate incident led to losing the originals. The duo regrouped and is preparing a full length later this summer.

As the Doobie Brothaz, ST and Jackie debuted their first track “John Legend”, produced by Block Beattaz. The production settles into the haziest of hotbox sessions. ST 2 Lettaz is laxed and lamping, but Jackie is doing 150 on the autobahn. Must be smokin' different strains.