Jacober, Glass Splinter

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Jacober Glass Splinter

David Jacober is the ferocious drummer in Dope Body, and the rhythm keeper in his chillwave collaboration with Zach Utz, Holy Ghost Party. But as a solo musician, he takes a more common approach to the pop rock paradigm. Recording under his surname, Jacober debuted his solo material on Friends Records in 2012 with Water Karaoke before he offered a more spaced-out, Dub Narcotic version of himself with The Gray Man on Geographic North. Now Jacober returns to Friends with Glass Splinter, his third solo cassette that seems to blend the lines of his two prior releases.

Still rooted in structured pop, Glass Splinter sees David weave his chill leanings with broader instrumentation. Think Baltimore meets The Epoch. For his newest cassette, he recruited William Rockwell Ryerson to play guitar, Rod Hamilton on vibraphone, Kate Barutha on cello, Britton Powell on double bass, and Evan Merkel and Nina Ebner on violins. While you’ll be hard pressed to find much Dope Body influence on Glass Splinter, the lush harmonies and trickling melodies will keep you peacefully entranced.

Glass Splinter is available now on cassette, you can stream it in full below.