Jacuzzi Boys make FL tolerable

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Jacuzzi Boys

I don't care if it hurts our Florida readership, I think that state is a shithole. It is practically devoid of tradition, I hate Tim Tebow and it's where the lamest people from the Midwest go to overcook and die.

Taking these judgments into account, it's been easy to ignore the emergence of Florida bands as they tend to reflect the things I ridicule Florida for. It's been a collection of faux-surf rock blog-praised ninnies that take the genre to its flimsiest of levels. It's like the 60's all over again, California creates it and Florida, pretending like it's got it like Cali, imitates it.

Jacuzzi Boys had the odds stacked against them, but No Seasons could have made our Best of 2009 list. It didn't, but it could have. The record meets the garage quota of jangly shitcan recordings and vocalist Gabriel Alcala is a commanding voice. The band bares a striking similarity to Texas' Strange Boys. The loose playing gives Gabriel's Jaggerish delivery room to operate and he's got the cool to pull off the swagger.

Jacuzzi Boys are not another bland infuriating bag of cliches pretending life is all beach parties and bike rides on the boardwalk. “Smells Dead” was written about bassist Danny Gonzalez struggle with a dead snake in his walls that led to a bathtub of flies. In an interview with the Miami Herald, Alcala admitted that “For awhile, every song had an animal in it.” We think animals are badass, especially gross ones like snakes, rodents and crocodiles. Ergo, we think Jacuzzi Boys are badass.