James Ferraro, “WĒNQUÁN (EXCERPT)”

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James Ferraro

Our last brush with James Ferraro's flair for bleak electronic composition came in the form of “Domestic Violence,” an oddity he released on the heels of his album Hell 3:00 AM from Summer 2013, although it captured anything but the sunshine. Signs on youtube indicate he is ressurecting the BODYGUARD project from 2012, with a new track appearing called “WĒNQUÁN (EXCERPT).” Here, Ferraro turns up the dials on his usual notes, trapped-out patches of synthwave with jagged cuts of R&B, but not quite as dark as what we're used to from him. According to the “TBA 2014” slapped onto the end of the video title, official news about the project, if not the album itself, should be coming later this year.

Have a listen, below.