Japanese Breakfast, “Jane Cum”

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Japanese Breakfast where is my great big feeling cover

If bedroom lo-fi is the wave of the future, then songs like “Jane Cum” are the wave of the future's future. The new single from Japanese Breakfast, the solo project of Little Big League singer Michelle Zauner, is the second track that Zauner's debuted from her upcoming cassette American Sound & Where Is My Great Big Feeling, which is due out July 25 on Seagreen Records. The new tape compiles material that Zauner recorded for the Song a Day Blog and re-recorded songs from various splits and singles, including the previously released “The Woman That Loves You”.

Like “The Woman That Loves You”, “Jane Cum” is a marked change from the Frankie Cosmos-esque sound that’s typified much of Zauner’s previous releases as Japanese Breakfast, with sharper production quality, shimmering synths, and electronic-sounding drums. In fact, it's a pretty big change from even Zauner's work with Little Big League, as the distant, almost monotonous voice in much of her solo work is a far-cry from her normally poppy and energetic style. To see how different, just listen to the chorus of “Jane Cum”, during which Zauner's cries of “Jane Cums” ring out eerily over her simple guitar melody and the thundering of a bass drum.