Nedarb Nagrom, “Paper Planes” (M.I.A. Remix)

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Nedarb Nagrom

The only songs under the Soundcloud hashtag #nedwave are Nedarb Nagrom’s original tracks. He seems to be trying to carve his own niche in the electro-trap realm and though not wildly original, his music works. As a new member of the collective THRAXXHOUSE (think Sad Boys Entertainment but with more purple), Nedarb shows off his chops with a well-executed remix of M.IA.’s hit “Paper Planes”.

Taken from his Remixes EP, the remix achieves a delicate balance between light/airy electro and heavier trap inspired electro with M.I.A.’s slowed down vocals supported by an eerie choral loop. Nedarb Nagrom distorts the song’s iconic gunshots so they more closely resemble claps and I am clapping with him to this fresh new remix.

The Remixes EP features reworkings of Danny Brown, Future, and Drake. Nedarb Nagrom will release it once he reaches 1000 followers on Twitter, so help facilitate the process with a friendly endorsement.