Jaunt, Chat

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Toronto-based Jaunt–comprised of Thomas Helliwell, Pat O’Brien, Daniel Reardon, Duncan Hood, and Nick Nausbaum–is about to release their EP Chat next Friday. We’ve got your first listen exclusively on IMPOSE.

“Hello” starts the EP out right, with a fun blend of crisp sound effects and light, airy vocals. If this song were a season, it would be the very first days of springtime, when bodies of water may still be glazed over with a thin sheet of ice. It’s a refreshing lead-in that we are insanely fond of. “Gentle Reminder” brings the pitch and tempo down, more of a vibe-y song to jam out to at wine night with your friends. “Comfortable” continues at a similar pace, with a lovely slow jam feel to it.

“WDYCM” picks the pace back up slightly, finger snapping and staccato sound effects lending themselves to a more ethereal overall sentiment. It’s definitely on the sad side lyrics-wise, as the vocals repeat “Why don’t you call me?” in melancholy tones. The question is answered with the next track, aptly titled, “I Did Call You Twice”, making this a quirky and fun pairing of songs. The EP rounds itself out with “Okay Then”, which brings more of a vintage close to the work. We feel some 1950s prom slow dance influence, exponentially so with the delicate reverb that’s been applied to the track.

“Tom and I had been recording music together for a few months prior to the EP,” explains guitarist Pat O’Brien. “‘Chat’ was the first batch of songs we completed that felt cohesive, which began with ‘Gentle Reminder’. It set the tone for the rest of the music, and the other five songs came together relatively quickly. The ‘communication’ theme arose naturally, although it’s probably rooted in some of the anxiety we share about phones and the need to remain connected to those around you.”

Chat is now available for preorder.