Jay Electronica, “Ghost of Christopher Wallace”

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Mark 4.30.10 down on your calendar as the day Jay Electronica premiered “Ghost of Christopher Wallace” and bookmark this news byte as one of millions that praised it for Jay's brilliance and groaned at the presence of Sean Combs.

I imagine some word on the street, school yard mum's the word going down that led to Diddy catching wind of Jay invoking the name Christopher Wallace. My imaginary scenario ends with Diddy busting down a studio door, shouting “Bad Boy for life” and demanding he hype man the shit out Jay's song. He also probably encouraged Jay to change his vodka shout out from Goose to Ciroc.

Hearing these Jay Electronica leaks must be what it felt like in the early 90's to hear pre-Illmatic Nas guest spots on “Live at the Barbeque” and “Back to the Grill Again.” Each time he speaks you get chills, knowing this man is slaying verses with an effortlessness that makes your brain explode. I get spine chills from Jay's baritone voice (no homo) as he opens with “the game ain't been the same since B.I.G. died / and Wu swarmed New York from out that bee hive / don't talk to me about MCs got skill / don't talk to me about who's king of the hill.” He proceeds to casually conjure Biggie's ghost through subtle inflections like “Lyrically I'm…” It's downright disgusting how legendary Jay Electronica might become if he keeps delivering songs of this caliber.

Of course, Diddy is treating “The Ghost of Christopher Wallace” like it's fucking '94 and he's about to drop Ready To Die 2, echoing Jay's lyrics ad nauseum. I've got Suge Knight's Source Awards speech in my head as I type (“trying be… all in the videos”) and I get why that lunatic hated Puff Daddy. He's pestering me to consider this song impossible to tolerate after five listens. Where's he get the wevos to say “the game got fucked up somewhere, man. Niggas started talking about… nothing. How the fuck you gon talk about nothing, man” Diddy how the fuck are YOU going spend three minutes at the end of the song doing just that? Just shut your cheese cake yapper and let Jay Electronica be brilliant.

Jay Electronica, “The Ghost of Christopher Wallace”