Jean Dawson – “90’s Green Screen”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Rising avant-hip-hop artist’s new video is pure eye candy

Jean Dawson is a 23-year-old rising avant-hip-hop artist who was raised on both sides of the San Diego/Tijuana border. His music is wide-ranging and evokes a DIY punk mentality in the way it bravely blends numerous sonic styles, including noise-rap, R&B, experimental electronica, and soul. Earlier this year, he released his excellent debut album Bad Sports, which so far has spawned the genre-defying singles “Zero%” and “Napster.” Now Dawson is turning heads with the stylish, eye-popping video for his latest single “90’s Green Screen.”

Directed with deft visual aplomb by Kanye West and Beyonce collaborator Julian Klincewitz, the video features Dawson performing in a diamond mask in front of a tangle of shimmering lights. The track ebbs and flows with raw energy and swelling melodies as he croons over staticky, propulsive beats. The stunning cinematography fades in and out through a mess of glowing light textures and beautiful filters, creating an aura that is incredibly silky and utterly intoxicating. Klincewitz is a master of moods, and this clip is a perfect marriage of audio and visuals.

Dawson’s Bad Sports is out now via Terrible Records. You can listen to that album, and watch the amazing video for “90’s Green Screen, below.