Jeans Wilder, “Spanish Tile”

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Jeans Wilder

Former Wavves collaborator Andrew Caddick, pka Jeans Wilder, has consistently delivered records from an array of boutiques, long before the indie boom of So Cal sun vibes led to the rockstar relationship of Bethany and Nathan. He's remained on the fringes, releasing albums with La Station Radar, Atelier Ciseaux (before the labels merged), and Bathetic, maintaining the reclusiveness expected from a bedroom artist.

More likely to drop acid and record music, rather than crash an Award ceremony or give an interview with Weird Vibes, Jeans Wilder is all the better for not hitching his wagon to his contemporary's leather fringe coattails. “Spanish Tiles”, the second single from TOTALLY, rides a cowbell percussion line that sounds like the slow sway of a cowbell around the neck of a donkey. There's no 90s revival or dad rock irony, just washed out and reverbed beach bum pop, like it used to be. A funereal organ cuts through “Spanish Tiles”, lending a helping hand to Wilder's downer wails.

Jeans Wilder's TOTALLY is out June 26 on Everloving Records.