Debut: Dinowalrus remixed by A Certain Ratio

Blake Gillespie


Photo by Stephen Reganato

Pete of Dinowalrus put Twitter to good use by contacting Jez Kerr, original member of Manchester post-punk band A Certain Ratio, to check on his availability to remix a song from his Best Behavior record. It was a shot in the dark, but perhaps Pete knew deep down that “RICO” would appeal to Kerr, due to its allegiance with the era. The original has a Jah Wobble-esque bass line, there's a delicate cowbell breakdown that harkens to the post-funk-punk sound Kerr once brought to Factory Records, and “RICO” just sounds like the natural extension of the musing laid on “To Each…”.

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Jez Kerr is truly as rad and as punk as it gets for lending his touch to “RICO”. The ACR remix softens the mania of the original with a fatty bouncing bass riddim that gives Dinowalrus a chic flare, but Kerr still knows how to knock out a sweaty dance punk cut. Meeting your heroes feels good, but when your hero hands you a killer remix of your song it's an entirely new level of surreal, particularly when it confirms how worthy of idolatry he truly is.

Dinowalrus, “RICO” (Jez Kerr A Certain Ratio mix)

Dinowalrus' Best Behavior is out now on Old Flame.

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