Jeremiah Jae, Black Castle of Beastie remixes

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black castle

Brainfeeder's Jeremiah Jae is pushing rap weight at an alarming rate in 2013. He spent the month of January organizing his Black Jungle Radio Series, which became a full-length download and a favorite from the month. He linked up with Oliver the 2nd for the Rawhyde cassette, which flipped wild west samples from the television program. He's generally kept his Soundcloud feed scrolling with battered and bruised production excursions that've wowed our socks off, but his collection of Beastie Boys remixes entitled Black Castle, appeals to us on a much deeper level.

With a style that has always felt like it was calibrated from a bachelors in Madlib and masters in Dilla, Jeremiah Jae turns Hello Nasty and To The 5 Burroughs into the grittiest, rawest, broken-down Beastie Boys we've heard yet. The whole mixtape sounds like a deconstructed, vaguely industrialized edition of some of the most recognizable BB's tracks, to the point of no return. It's as if Jeremiah Jae pressed the tracks through a PlayDoh machine hand-built by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Bjork, and Jay Electronica. There's a dose of soul influence, as well, but especially after a few rotations of the unhinged, screwed “Bl00d” (a twist on “Looking Down the Barrel of the Gun”), it's clear this tape is trying to take us as far away from the originals as we can without losing ground. All of it works to produce a disaffected feeling that simultaneously holds up the Beastie Boys while pulling them apart.

Jeremiah Jae, “Fck You” (Beastie Boys Remix)

Download Jeremiah Jae's Black Castle here. (Listen to “Fck You” and “Bl00d” in our player at the bottom of the browser)