Jerry Paper and Andy Boay planning split cassette

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Jerry Paper / Andy Boay

Sometimes experiences defy words and induce a sort of synesthetic response, which makes the task of writing about those experiences particularly difficult. “Come Over,” the new single from wacko Brooklynite pop darling Jerry Paper is a perfect example of such an experience; it’s hard to describe the song’s sound just by explaining the sonic arc. Instead, imagine these images:

Pairs of nondescript multicolored shapes waltz with each other in a shoddily rendered digital facsimile of a Victorian-era ballroom, moving in stride to the glitchy 12/8 bleep bloops that open up the track. They stare into each other’s nonexistent eyes while Jerry Paper croons, “I’m such a goofy romantic/When I am next to you.” As the synthesizers crumble away from the likeness of a chorus, pitch shifted vocals take the virtual ballroom and transform it into a blue interstellar ocean of electro-R&B sex jams. The vocals move into the upper register when the feel transitions into a slow shuffle (replete with retro synth bass), and we’re urged to “come on over” to Jerry Paper’s place. And who wouldn’t want to come on over, when Jerry Paper’s world is one of digital reworkings of the physical world, reconceptualized in its visualization, warped in both its sense of humor and hopeless romanticism.

“Come Over” is part of a split with Andy Boay, one half of the brothers Tonstartssbandht. Hausa Mountain will release the split on limited edition cassette on April 22.