Jonwayne, Rap Album Two

Post Author: Andre G

Last Spring, Jonwayne returned to the game from a hiatus and let the world know that, “I haven’t done an interview in like two years, haven’t left home two years, haven’t had a drink years, didn’t give a fuck for like two years,” on “WONKA.
He didn’t expand much further on his absence until a December open letter in which he admitted to a self-imposed exile to defeat an addiction to alcohol. The revelatory letter was poignant, heartfelt, and thoughtfully composed, three qualities which carried over to Jonwayne’s long awaited Rap Album Two.
The 12-track album is an incisive reflection of his journey toward sobriety–and also a hellafied exhibition of Jonwayne’s deft lyrical ability. The album’s themes are typified by standouts like “Human Condition” and “Out of Sight,” a poetic, no-punches-pulled examination of his “isolation” and tedious process of “putting health before career” for the first time.
Rap Album Two’s soundscape is characteristically soulful, with dreamy jazz elements over thick drums on most tracks. The album also takes compelling experimental excursions such as “Rainbow” and “Blue Green.”
Jonwayne’s latest offering is a masterful, soul-bearing project that highlights the power of artistic refuge.
Rap Album Two is available for purchase here. You can stream below.