Jonwayne, “WONKA”

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Never believe a rapper when they say they’re retired. For rappers, “retiring” is generally a shorthand term for “bored, taking a break and looking to set up a ballyhooed re-entry into the game.” Who knows if that’s the case for LA-Based MC/Producer Jonwayne, who’s last project was the Jonwayne Is Retired EP. Maybe the project’s title was tongue-in-cheek, but whatever the case, Jonwayne is back from his yearlong absence with his “WONKA” single.

Picking up where he left off, Jonwayne dispenses his dizzying, unconstrained “dogma rap” atop an exquisitely eerie boombap track. So what has he been up to? “I haven’t done an interview in like two years, haven’t left home two years, haven’t had a drink years, didn’t give a fuck for like two years,” Jonwayne matter-of-factly admits. He sounds as sharp as ever, and if any “haters” disagree they can mull his suggestion to “eat shit and die and subscribe to TIDAL.”

“Wonka” is available now. You can it below.