Steel Tipped Dove, try another thing, for instance beat tape

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Whether its Armand Hammer or Lakutis, a constant in the liner notes of the New York underground community is producer Steel Tipped Dove. In the Greedhead heyday he was right there alongside Hot Sugar, Big Baby Gandhi and Mike Finito as a prolific production contributor. He adapted Tom Waits’ “Make It Rain” for PremRock’s Mark’s Wild Years record, produced a Carpenter-esque cinemascape of synth dystopia on Isaiah Toothtaker’s “Numb”, and contributed two beats to Astronautalis’ widely-praised Cut The Body Loose LP, to illustrate the scope of his skill set.

His latest release is just as prolific as the 35-track a whole bunch of crazy motherfuckers collection, except this time Steel Tipped Dove is allowing his instrumentals to exist without the ego of rappers. Entitled try another thing, for instance, the Dove out of step with his genre and opening the doors of perception on his work behind the boards. “at a bog, though” is a sleepy piano beat that simulates the serenity of drowning, at least post-struggle, and by “don’t take it all” he is out of pocket with a dark electro track of hyper drum work and terror-synths. The breadth of this release suggests try another thing, for instance has purpose. This is not just a collection of ill-fit works for rap records. try another thing, for instance begs to be understood and interpreted in catharsis. It’s the most emotive body of work in the Steel Tipped Dove oeuvre. There is a world within, one vast and uncharted, that the producer has left it to be deciphered.

Download Steel Tipped Dove’s try another ting, for instance on his Bandcamp.