Keel Her, “Don't Look At Me”

keel her

Rose Keeler-Schäffeler, the prolific musical mastermind behind solo project Keel Her, has been releasing record after record of lo-fi bedroom jams with a basement bent for years now, and finally a collected output will come officially through London's Critical Heights early next spring. To say that I am excited about this is an understatement—in a similar fashion to how Magic Marker Records released a three-album compilation record of Dear Nora rarities, Keel Her's forthcoming album will place all of her best highlights in to one packaged deal. Keel Her actually shares similar qualities with Portland's Dear Nora, but with the added benefit of the didacticism of Emmy the Great and sugary anxiety of Colleen Green. The album will feature 18 of Keel Her's best, the first single being the perfectly constructed “Don't Look At Me”, a lo-fi pop song that blends Guided By Voices with K Records aplomb. You can stream that below, then look to Critical Heights early next year for the full record.