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Blake Gillespie

deadCAT, transientualism

After piling up a discography of six EPs in two years, Georgia's deadCAT has expanded their experimental pop tableau into a full length entitled, Transientualism.

Throughout Transientualism deadCAT set off triggers that resonate as textural braille in sound. On album opener “Glossolalia” and “Eggs at Roach Denny's”, the jazz n' bop cues hints of Battles' experimental robo-rock rolling atop the abstract meditations of Thundercat. Take the comparisons as merely suggestions for the sake of familiarity. By “Mustard Tiger”, deadCAT have tapped into the freak pop of Dead Gaze, while “Cents” bears kinship with Jamaican Queens' grimey Midwest afro-beat.

In four sentences I've managed to reference four bands from four regions of the country and thus, we begin to interpret the album title, Transientualism – if only to a degree. To deadCAT's credit, there's hardly a style they cannot acclimate to their experimental pop sound. It blends effortlessly across Transientualism, making the album not only adventurous, but in need of a second spin in order to decode how one arrived at closer “Mirrored Mirrors”.

Transientualism is out now on Psych Army.

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