Keep Shelly In Athens' future nostalgia mix

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Keep Shelly In Athens Friday Night Mix

Often times bands shoutout locales in their monikers without having much attachment to the location, whether geographically or musically. Keep Shelly In Athens is an exception. The duo is from Athens, Greece; their name a pun on an Athens neighborhood, Kypseli. We've kept heavy monitors on KSIA since first covering the duo of Sarah P and RΠЯ in 2011, most notably their debut Our Own Dream EP in the Goldmine Sacks' Year In Pop feature. Learning of their signing to Cascine not only made fine sense, but thrilled us to know they'd be joining other office favorites like Chad Valley, Erika Spring, and Jensen Sportag.

Our fondess for Keep Shelly In Athens might crossover into unhealthy adoration with their curated mix for the Friday Night series. Sarah P and RΠЯ blend Cocteau Twins into Tycho, depart into post-chillwavers like inc. and Com Truise, tie in a remix to Irish electronic duo Solar Bears, and show home country love to Mechanimal and drog_A_tek. Keep Shelly In Athens offered the following insight into the inspiration for the mix:

Friday Night has always had a particular feeling for me – a kind of nostalgia, but not for some blurry past; rather, an anticipation of moments to come, close at hand and intangible at the same time.

Keep Shelly In Athens' At Home is out now on Cascine.

01 Solar Bears – Cub (Keep Shelly in Athens remix)
02 inc. – Black Wings
03 Prizes – Rumours
04 Cocteau Twins – Primitive Heart
05 Tycho – Elegy
06 Serafim Tsotsonis – Lost Cities
07 Picture – Third
08 Com Truise – Brokendate
09 Mechanimal – Haunts (A Song For Black September)
10 drog_A_tek – When You've Done It All
11 🙁 – yeah yeah
12 Keep Shelly in Athens – Addictions

Keep Shelly In Athens is currently on tour with Chad Valley:
18 The Empty Bottle in Chicago, IL
19 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis, MN
22 Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver, Canada
23 Barboza in Seattle, WA
25 Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, CA
26 Bootleg Bar in Los Angeles, CA
27 The Casbah in San Diego, CA
29 Glasslands in Brooklyn, NY
30 Mercury Lounge in New York, NY