Krill, “Peanut Butter”

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Krill Peanut Butter

As part of an upcoming re-release of Boston trio Krill‘s Lucky Leaves album from 2013, they’ve dropped the single “Peanut Butter”, a harshly dissonant tale of getting caught breaking into someone’s house and deservedly feeling like a stalker. Here, as on last year’s Steve Hears Pile In Malden And Bursts Into Tears EP, Krill are experts at packing fizzing nervous energy into abstract grunge songs aimed at the daydreaming downcast screwball in us all.

Lucky Leaves was originally tracked by Julian Fader and Carlos Hernandez of Ava Luna at the Silent Barn and released as a USB stick in a mozarella ball for $100. Oddly, the vinyl is said to be a bit cheaper, and will be available via London’s Blood and Biscuits Records. “Peanut Butter” will also be featured on a four-band split EP with Ovlov, LVL UP, and Radiator Hospital, to be released October 13 via Exploding In Sound and Double Double Whammy.