La Sera, “Devils Hearts Grow Gold”

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La Sera, "Devils Hearts Grow Gold" Hardly Art 7-inch

The new offering from La Sera is just as clean and high-heavens touch-sensitive as the others, but with a vocal verse like Black Tambourine doing the Pips. If these tracks were really recorded in the 50s with an old doo wop rhythm section replacing the gain'd up guitars and reels replacing mp3s, then they'd get some kind of Mad Men stamp of approval ensuring that 9 out of 10 dentists approve of their pop over competing sweeteners.

Simply marvelous:

La Sera, “Devils Hearts Grow Gold”

Nothing can really match the sticky, blood sugar levels of the video for the first leak, though:

La Sera, “Never Come Around”

“Devils Hearts Grow Gold” is the A-side on a Hardly Art 7-inch out January 18.