Lakutis, Three Seashells

Blake Gillespie


Without warning Lakutis' long-anticipated Three Seashells record appeared on his Bandcamp. With production by Steel Tipped Dove, Black Noise, Spvce, HGHWND, Bill Ding, and Hot Sugar, Three Seashells is a further exploration into the demented lifestyle of Aleksey Weintraub, aka Lakutis. On his debut I'm In The Forest EP, Lakutis made his first Demolition Man reference on “Death Shark”, a heady track that may go down as the first and last nerdy Lakutis track.

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Three Seashells is Lakutis appropriating the title of Demolition Man to his own nihilistic mania, which he expresses to the highest degree on tracks like “What The Fuck” and “Too Ill For the Law”. Throughout the record Lakutis makes liberal use of the appropriated lyrics and styles, like his Wayne-esque “Motherfucker I'm ill” on “Animal”, and “Black Swann” lingers dangerously close to a Death Grips homage. It's up to you whether you view the derivatives as setbacks or testaments to Lakutis' drunken style of which it has many fathers. Still it's tracks like “Jesus Piece”, “Mumra”, and “Body Scream” in which Lakutis seems less influenced by his peers and more devoted to his needs as an artist in conflict, who's public presence is that of a party animal, but on record digs deeper into his psyche.

Lakutis' Three Seashells is out now on his Bandcamp.

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