Lando Chill, "Break Them Shackles"

Post Author: Andre G

Multi-talented Tuscon-by-way-of-Chicago Artist Lando Chill dropped For Mark, Your Son last August, and in case you were wondering what more the Mello Music Group repper has to offer, he’s doubling up with The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind. Based on the album title and the explanation offered so far, it appears he’s set to return to the spiritually-charged, alluringly introspective work that typified the previous album.
Last week, Chill offered the first taste from the album, the resounding “Break Them Shackles.” Given our tumultuous political climate, the cavernous, synth-driven Triceratop & The Lasso production is a much-needed offering. With lines like, “its do or die for those who look like you and I,” Chill puts his cards on the table. He touches on systemic oppression and gentrification but offers an ultimately hopeful resolution, noting “we finna look good when we break the shackles.”
The singer-songwriter-rapper-producer rhymed for the bulk of the track, but also did some harmonizing along with Laisa Laii. That combination is set to be all over The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind, which Chill has said ”is as reminiscent of James Blake and Bon Iver as it is of Frank Ocean or Kendrick Lamar.” We’ll be waiting in the wind until it’s June 23rd release.
You can stream “Break Them Shackles” below.