Las Robertas, “Marlene”

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Las Robertas

We last heard from Costa Rican trio Las Robertas' way back in 2012 on their Art Fag Recordings 7″ Dissected Affair, the followup to their debut aLP, Cry Out Loud. We're sure they've been playing down under, but now we have sonic evidence via their new track “Marlene” off upcoming LP Days Unmade. “Marlene” suggests they've been putting the two years to good use, perfecting a fuzzed-up studio psych sound in the spirit of pop. From the revving guitar intro, to the mellow but full vocals, “Marlene” earns its place among the best woman's-name-titled garage anthems out there.

Days Unmade is set be released in the coming months. Stream “Marlene” below.