Lazy Queen – ‘Get Home or Die Trying’ EP

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Norwegian indie punks hit new creative heights on their turbulent new record

Long awaited and highly anticipated, Nordic outfit Lazy Queen have been building to the release of their new EP over the last few months. We’ve been big supporters of their unique, pop-leaning-punk output, which seems to get better and better with every release. This week they’ve dropped the full EP Get Home or Die Trying and it’s a visceral and energetic insight into the songwriting mind of lead singer Henrik García Søberg

A project that chronicles Henrik’s personal demons from his time living in the U.S, the track ebbs and flows between moments or melancholy to outbursts of pure rage. Each track is a vignette of a time in the songwriter’s life, a snapshot of a time they made mistakes, alienated themselves or had bust-ups on the eventual path to sobriety. 

Throughout the entire project, there’s a nice juxtaposition of tracks that lyrically explore the darkest parts of our psyche – difficult times and emotionally draining experiences – set to the backdrop of feel-good, pop-punk production that borders on uplifting. It’s an emphatic piece of songwriting that’s truly unique and uncompromising in what Lazy Queen are looking to evoke.

Get Home or Die Trying is about a group of people trying to figure out what happens after it was all supposed to end,” Lazy Queen shared.

You can listen to the full EP below: