Erratic Impulse, Hardflip & Rubbing Alcoholics at City Heights Skatepark

Erratic Impulse, Hardflip, and Rubbing Alcoholics gave San Diego’s DIY scene a much-needed shot in the arm with a fiery, bombastic show at City Heights Skatepark in Park de la Cruz. Hopefully a sign of big things to come for the local scene & beyond. Check out the mayhem for yourself…

Lazy Queen – ‘Get Home or Die Trying’ EP

Norwegian indie punks hit new creative heights on their turbulent new record

“Song-Generating Machine”: Q&A with Palberta

NYC indie rock trio’s Nina Ryser takes us inside the band’s excellent latest LP Palberta5000

UV-TV – “Distant Lullaby”

Garage-punk stalwarts announce third LP Always Something & serve up infectious power pop anthem

Destroy Boys – “Muzzle”

Sacramento DIY punks sign to Hopeless, unleash short & savage new single

Buggin – “Brainfreeze”

Chicago hardcore rising stars return with bludgeoning new single

Lazy Queen – “Last Call”

Norwegian alt-punk sensations return with melancholic new single

Listen to L.A. punk band Hugh Effo’s self-titled debut LP

Frenzied riffs and jagged rhythms clash in propulsive DIY fashion

Kaleiders – “Alright”

Manchester punk trio levels up on spirited, anthemic new single

Lazy Queen – “Gutted”

Nodric punk connoisseurs return with upbeat new anthem

Girl Friday – “This is Not the Indie Rock I Signed Up For”

L.A. indie garage rockers level up with new single off highly-anticipated debut LP

Death Valley Girls – “Breakthrough”

L.A. garage-psych marauders break free in crafty new video

NRVS – Revolution Traffic

The Mystery-Clad Duo Bring A Socio-Political message to Their Art..

Lazy Queen – “Throwaway”

Nordic indie-punk risers drop emphatic new single

TONI&MASH – ‘I Want It’ EP

U.K.-German duo reconvene after solo projects for debut EP


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