Lazy Queen – “Throwaway”

Aidan Grant

Nordic indie-punk risers drop emphatic new single

Some of the best art and music can come from difficult beginnings. Norway’s rising indie-punk outfit Lazy Queen’s new single “Throwaway” certainly fits into that bracket.

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Written during lead singer Henrik’s battle with addiction, self-destruction, fear and self-loathing, the track carries an upbeat pop hook forming the main lead in the track.

The meeting of minds of musicians from Oslo and New York, Lazy Queen have built a fearsome reputation in their home country as a tour de force live act. Performing their unique brand of Bubble Punk has earned them plaudits with the likes of Wonderland, NYLON and Red Bull Musi., “Throwaway” perfectly surmises the Lazy Queen sound: raw, feral, energetic and ultimately high-spirited.

“‘Throwaway’ is about hitting rock bottom, waking up in a hospital bed, surrounded by love and care, only to bite every hand that’s ever tried to feed you,” lead singer Henrik states. “It’s about seeking allowance, reveling in penance and repeating familiar and comfortable patterns of self-destruction. It’s about knowing that it’ll inevitably bury who I feel like I hope to be underneath yet another protective layer of being an asshole.”

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