Le Révélateur, “Age Maze”

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Le revelateur

Here, we have 9 minutes of extremely social noises commingling on the astral plane. This is one of those tracks where the artist layers on all sorts of bright tones on top of a lower, healing drone. Reminiscent of Emeralds, it's not surprising that Le Révélateur's record Fictions came out a little while ago on Gneiss Things, the record label of Emeralds member Steve Hauschildt, who also did the cover design. The art is a still from a video work by Sabrina Ratte, who is releasing a DVD for the record on Thursday with Root Strata. The record is limited to only 500 copies and I think it's getting pretty hard to find. (Coincidentally, Hauschildt's new solo work is also out now on Kranky and highly-recommendable – It's called Tragedy and Geometry.) This track is really almost decadently beautiful.

Age Maze by Le Révélateur