Watch Nate Young play a solo set in Sacramento

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The NNA Tapes cats shared this surprisingly kinda medium-to-good-sound-quality video of Regression (Nate Young) playing in a kitchen in Sacramento on what I assume must be his current tour with Drainolith, aka Alex Moskos of AIDS Wolf. I wish this tour was coming to New York because it sounds so creepy and spooky and wonderfully weird. This new turn is a hard left from his former work with the harsh noise of Wolf Eyes, and I feel like it could scare the ghosts out of the walls. Today the exterminator came and sprayed my kitchen for cockroaches and now they are running out of their hiding places and dying on the counters and floors, but I would have preferred to forego the poison and use Regression instead. Maybe he can market this? Of course, now that there's no Silent Barn, I'm not sure what kitchens are available to play in here, but maybe they can advertise the possibility of chemical-free spiritual and insect extermination on Craigslist and find some takers.