Lee Bannon & C-Plus are Young Champions

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C-Plus & Lee Bannon

Lee Bannon is out for blood in 2012. He enlisted C-Plus as the next Sacramento rapper to bless a collaborative EP, which the two are calling Young Champions. No release date is set, but “In My Groove” revisists the dusty in-the-red break science Bannon executed on Hot-N-Ready with Chuuwee and Never A Dull Moment with Willie The Kidd. C-Plus raps like he kept a folder labeled “my finest bars” on file for this EP. On “In My Groove” he claims a “cocky in the worst way” swagger and proves it with “watching David Letterman / feeling that I'm better than / any of one of these freshman / word to my lettermen” . Even in his fresh-off-the-plane audacious demeanor, he sneaks in a gut-wrenching couplet of “I'm that fucking boy / I'm that fucking boy / my girl miscarried / that was my fucking boy”. It's a subtle turn in events that is overlooked, even by C-Plus, but the mere mentioning of painful moment in the midst of all his hefty proclamations is a clever aside for a brief flirtation with the human element.

C-Plus x Lee Bannon, “In My Groove”

Bannon's never-sleep mentality led to a 10-minute saga of further beat science in anticipation of his Fantastic Plastic record on Plug Research. Littered with 90's references and breaks, “The All That Beat Cast” will most likely replace the deli sandwich as sustenance for beat junkies on their lunch break.