Lhasa's sad songs

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Lhasa, /​​/​​/​​/​​/​​/​​/​​/​​/​

It's true that there is timeless music but there is also a great need for timely music on a cold Tuesday and what better way to tinge a somewhat ceasless flow of snow storms with meloncholy and nostalgia than some minor-hued guitar hooks burried in a nest of electric prattle.

Hailing from Busan, South Korea, Lhasa is an expat duo that doubles on electronics and destroys the wedge between post rock grandeur and subtle electro beat-tinkering.

Their new album probably does not take one from MIA for its titling (/​​/​​/​​/​​/​​/​​/​​/​​/​), but you never know.