Lié, “Seams”

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I'd previously written about post-feelings arthouse project //ZOO and with good reason: the tracks covered a new wave of darkness I felt needed addressing in a particularly morose time in history, in life, in the world. The followup to those feelings comes from a place of not just darkness but aggression, too, through the three-piece project of //ZOO's frontwoman Ashlee Luk, a cold punk effort that grinds all inner monologues to a halt. It's fast and terrifying and strong, and if you're of the meek mien, could even come off as abrasive or intimidating. But really what the Canadian three-piece known as Lié are doing is giving us music for the times we're living in. In under three minutes, the group manages to shine through guitar and vocals as sharp as a tablesaw, notably covering the malaise of a lost Vancouver punk with a voice edging to be heard.

You can stream the track “Seams” below, and look out for its official release on Function Operate Records in the near future. Addtionally, Lié will be going on a West Coast tour, the poster for which you can ogle at below the embed.