Lil B's Black Flame mixtape

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Black Flame

The opening track of Lil' B's Black Flame mixtape has the Based God trying out Kanye's “hold a concert hostage with an egocentric soliloquy” style over some ambient synths. But Lil' B keeps his stress rap on “Last On The BasedWorld” at a manageable thee minutes. Phew.

Now that Based God is global, Lil B is taking the Madlib approach to mixtapes. The Madlib Invasions took the producer to exotic locations across the globe. Lil' B's mixtapes have him adopting the style (visual and sonic) of America's finest rap regions. The Bitch Mob tape took Lil' B to Memphis and Black Flame heads south for the New Orleans sound, which he shouts out on “Down 4 to Long”. Based God does not take his New Orleans love deep enough to rap over Show Boys' “Triggaman” or “Bout It Bout It,” but the cut “Real 100” comes close enough.

Download the Black Flame mixtape via DatPiff.