Lillerne Tapes Compilation #2

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This adorable new comp was put together by the sweethearts over at Lillerne Tapes. Typical story: they asked all their friends and the artists they've released to toss them a track, put them all on a cassette, and gave it away for free on the internet. Atypical story: the cassette packaging is a really cool drawing by Edie Fake of label-maestro Gabe Holcomb's Chicago apartment building; the cassette is in an “impractically large case that won't fit into your cassette display” (fun!); it features absolutely KILLER weird tracks from some favorites that we've written about before, like Casino Gardens, CVLTS, and Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, and people that we are ashamed to have never heard of. Take for instance, Free Weed, whose song about smoking weed in his bedroom was also probably made while smoking weed in his bedroom, or Radiator Hospital, whose track “Dead As Dreams” is a wonderful addition to the sincere singer-songwriter canon that only the Midwest can do with sincerity. The whole thing is a free download, or $4 for the cute tape, of which there were only 75 and presumably far fewer now.