Lion Bark, “Two Prongs”

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Close your eyes and imagine this scene: You're strolling down a freshly-shellacked boardwalk, twisting a pastel pink parasole, and you've got your sweetheart—your beau—linked to your arm. The smell of the surf and the sounds of summer holiday bounce all around, and the two of you pop into the candy shop to pick up a bag of cool lemon drops, handmade and sprinkled with soft sugar. Bliss in its most entrancing, nostalgic, and rose-tinged form.

Now open your eyes and press play on this track from Brighton, England's Lion Bark, “Two Prongs”. With the magic of a modern-day Frank Sinatra charm and the tip-tap of a loose, skirt-swishing backbeat, they've written the one song that will set the scene for all of your summer romances and all of your personalized mixtapes to come. There is nothing more pleasant than when a band is able to manipulate vintage sounds for future promise, and Lion Bark captures something gone and golden without losing sight of a modern tone. It's positively swoonworthy music.

Though there are little other details about Lion Bark, trust that we'll be covering their future rise, and you can catch up with the band at this link.