Long Beard, “Hates the Party”

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long beard sleepwalker

After beginning as a soft solo project, Leslie Bear is ready to her project, Long Beard, to the next level. Following a series of tapes, her debut album Sleepwalker is a bold, though still bashful announcement to the world that Long Beard is ready to sweep you away. “Hates the Party” is Sleepwalker‘s second single after “Porch,” and first appeared on the Holy Crow EP. The track begins with a steady guitar and soft drum as Bear’s voice asks, “Alone in the dark / Is it more alone / Than alone in the light / That keeps you up at night?” The song moves from this mist into the sun as Bear tells us that “everyone hates the party.”

Sleepwalker is out October 23 via Team Love. “Hates the Party” is streaming below.

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