Los Manglers, “Can’t Wait”

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Los Manglers are a four-piece from Puerto Rico, formerly Dandy and the Walkers and consisting of Laira Díaz (vocals/guitar), Enrique Olivares (guitar), Juan Antonio Arroyo (bass) and Mario Negrón González (drums). They’re about to release a new 7″, followed by an LP in 2015, both on Brooklyn imprint Last Bummer Records. Their music is self-described as “tropicalia brutalia,” pulling influence from their hometown as well as the dusty annals of rock and roll Americana. B-side track “Can’t Wait” sizzles on a rockabilly burner, as Laira Díaz lends it her grumbly vocal passion. It’s more ‘brutalia’ than ‘tropicalia’, though we’ll be eager to see how next year’s LP brings the balance.

The 7″ (with “In Shadow” as the a-side) is coming out August 26 on Last Bummer. Stream the single below.