Louis Logic, “A Day Late And A Dollar Short”

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Louis Logic, Look On The Blight Side

Louis Logic suffered through the middle Aughts due to the small-minded affliction of underground hip hop. Despite fans' claims of progressive and independence, if an artist explored a style beyond the prescribed ties to 90s boom-bap for a truer sense of independence or expression in art, it was met with stubborn resistance. If Louis Logic was trading homophobic slurs and battle disses on a record with Celph-Titled, it was dope. If Louis Logic regretted those days and addressed them in a pair of skinny jeans, he had basically written himself into his past diss lyrics. In retrospect, it was a gilded age.

Seven years since his last release, Logic confronts the past on “A Day Late and a Dollar Short” with “I never should have been so thick / or played the tough guy shtick / if the pen don't fit / by the time I learned to trust my gift and be strange / the beat changed on me / and the end closed in / such is fate now that I love my skin / they dug my grave and I jumped right in.” He goes on to face his singer-songwriter era, stating he should have known better than to think he'd be the next Nick Drake, and brings the timeline to a close with the understanding that he's not earned greatness since his best work is still ahead of him.

Louis Logic's Look On The Blight Side is out November 12 on Fake Four, Inc.