Low Praises, “Trenches”

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Is telepathy real? Do you believe that it's real, even in a vague sense of aura-sensing or even just vibes? Or do you chalk it all up to coincidence, to pheremones, and/or to the science of human relation? If you are making music long-distance with a person, bridging a large physical gap, can you really ever know what they are thinking, even if you guys gChat all the time? Can the collaboration be successful without telepathy? Can ANY collaboration be successful without some degree of mind-reading?

One Southerner and one Texan are attempting a long-distance collaboration with Low Praises. Neil Lord, in Austin, presumably sent some things to Jimmy Spice in Memphis by Internet, and he added some other stuff, and sent it back. But the track sounds incredibly in sync, with wavy lines of whispery vocals brushing the top of a picked-out guitar line, and a simple drum beat furthering the sense of symmetry, that you can't help but think that they must have been closer, even touching, when they made it. But a song is not a set of china – no matter how delicate, it won't break during shipping.

Low Praises' cassette EP Clear Light is available digitally next Tuesday, August 14, and physically September 25 from Fire Talk Records.