Lower, “At the Endless Party”

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The absence of a good feeling (not to be confused with a bad feeling) is oftentimes more noticeable, and consequently profound, than the good feeling itself, hollowing out the heart and leaving nothing but memories and the question, “why did this have to end?” Such are the notions explored in Danish post-goth outfit Lower’s new single,” At the Endless Party,” off their forthcoming EP, I’m a Lazy Son…But I’m The Only Son, out September 11 on Matador Records. The song is a manically dramatic and emotionally exhaustive exploration of life’s trial to find joy, be it love or self-satisfaction or full-on ecstasy, sometimes successful, but always returning to reality.

With airy piano trills set against tremendously thumping drum pounds and bass parts forever unable to remain still, the whole thing takes its time to vibrate through each part of the emotional body, massaging it in, simultaneously reminding us that all good eventually ends, and that it’s ok. Vocalist Adrian Toubro’s effectually echoed vocals create a silkscreen to the bliss “endless party,” creating a paranormal effect to the entire scene, as though he’s singing to an empty amphitheater in some lost David Lynch scene, unaware of self or surroundings, but in love with the façade. The dreamlike effects are taken completely off the vocals to allow the final reminder, “The world will keep spinning,” to sink in.