Lushlife Remixes Teen Daze

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Working as a producer and a rapper is a hard feat to balance. Yet, Lushlife understands these tasks and complements them well, making booming jazz-tinged beats for his powerful flows. Yet he also knows when to scale things down, especially on this remix of Teen Daze's “Brooklyn Sunburn.” Lushlife takes the template of Teen Daze's dreamy chords, slows it down, and strips it of its four on the floor beat. In its place he creates a meditative beat covered in distorted synth lines. Instead of using his chops and spitting a verse on the remix, he minimizes by singing distant and repetitive vocals which hush haunted lyrics like, “I know I've been away too long.” Looping his voice with heartfelt croons gives the remix a unexpected power, which rewards itself in repeated listenings.

You can stream and download “Brooklyn Sunburn (Lushlife Remix)” below. Teen Daze's All of Us, Together is out now on Lefse Records, and Lushlife's Plateau Vision is also out now on Western Vinyl.