Lushlife, “This Ecstatic Cult” (feat. Killer Mike)

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The seduction of Los Angeles is alive within Lushlife’s forthcoming Ritualize. Much of the record was written with 30,000 feet of solitude between Lushlife and the rest of the planet. Once he’d touch down at LAX, he’d join CSLSX in the studio to lay down his words over production that lets the metropolitan la dolce vita intoxicate him away from his boom-bap origins. Although his latest single, “This Ecstatic Cult”, is about a different persuasion that historically mars the canyons and valleys of LA.

In an email to The Fader Lushlife described “This Ecstatic Cult” as a track that, “takes on the seductive apathy of buying into broken religious, political, and socioeconomic systems.” Those thoughts manifest in Lushlife not falling for phantom tollbooths or the temptresses that loiter the lost avenues. Killer Mike’s take naturally includes maintaining a healthy distrust of one-time and living beyond the life expectations of a black man in America, or rather, “I’m trying to get it like a Rothschild / and live Pac wild.”

Lushlife’s Ritualize is out February 19 on Western Vinyl.