Madam West, “Wise Blood”

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NYC-based alt-rock/psych/soul quintet Madam West is super psyched to release their latest single “Wise Blood”, and we can’t say we blame them. The song is the first of two singles set to release this summer in the wake of their popular August 2015 LP Madam West Loves You. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of “Wise Blood” right here. Right now.

The song sits at six minutes and six seconds long and is tranquil in its composition, with a slight 70’s jazz feel to it. The opening of it has a frantic feel to it, as if the band is eager to get to the meat of the song. It eventually mellows out, with more of a reggae inspiration showing through. The vocals themselves are soulful, gorgeous and emotional in their presentation.

The single release party for “Wise Blood” takes place TONIGHT, August 12th, at C’mon Everybody. Festivities start at 9pm.