MadeinTYO, “Lamn” (Prod. by Leftbrain)

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The best soul music achieves resonance with its capability to grip the listener’s consciousness and take it on a ride. In that manner, a wailing soul sample has the capacity to bond with an MC’s musings and create an experience so entrancing you temporarily find yourself seeking their same actualization. Even if you don’t “need that new ‘rarri” as much as Atlanta-based rapper/producer MadeinTYO says he does, you may feel like it while listening to “Lamn”.

The soul-trap fusion is a track from the final installment of Brooklyn DJ Kittycash’s Love The Free mixtape series. On “Lamn”, an acronym for the rhymer’s repeated “look at me now” plea, MadeinTYO waxes introspectively over arresting production by Leftbrain.

“I ‘on’t really like lies so I don’t watch the fuckin news,” MadeinTYO proclaims at the beginning of the track before thumping 808s invite themselves into the proceedings. The MC’s off-kilter flow places him comfortably in the “New Atlanta” waters of Young Thug and contemporaries, but his youthful voice and relatively carefree content is a refreshing take on the sound. For now, MadeinTYO’s world is simple. There’s no nihilism or existential second guessing, just material aspiration and a subtle glee that “she” wants him now.

You can listen to “Lamn” below.