Máni Orrason – “I Go Up”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Icelandic musician gears up to release forthcoming ‘Baby Angel Loves You’ EP

Rising Icelandic talent Máni Orrason returns with the energetic, potent new single “I Go Up,” a real statement of intent ahead of his new EP which drops later this Spring.

Seamlessly bringing influences from Charli XCX, PC Music & Blink 182 into a powerful piece of dark-pop, his music is influenced by his experience growing up on a farm in Iceland. There’s also a political edge to his releases, with the prolific songwriter examining consumerism in modern society throughout his tracks.

“When I started to make music, I lived on a farm in Iceland and I started to play guitar, and all this stuff that I found on YouTube, all this kinda punk rock, pop-punk stuff was such an escape for me,” Orrason shared. “I saw this as my path out of there. I wanted to write a song for my 13, 14-year-old self. My favourite band at 13 was Green Day and I just wanted to write a two-minute, three chords and ‘fuck you!’ song.”

Give it a spin below.