Marching Church, “King of Song”

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Marching Church

The second single from Marching Church’s debut album, This World is Not Enough, was just released, and from the very first acoustic chord, setting off the incredibly poppy bassline, its title resonates throughout. “King of Song” is a masterfully self-aware fete for Elias B. Ronnenfelt; grotesque, self-congratulatory exaggerations (which, if done by anyone else, might make audiences cringe) permeate the fun of Rønnenfelt’s musicality—he is not exactly content with his not-necessarily-self-proclaimed title. His pre-chorus moan croons, “People rise for me, put out their arms for me, hey now. People die for me, fantasize about me, hey yeah,” constructing elaborate, dramatic scenarios depicting life in the spotlight. A distant chorus of kids only adds to the drama, creating an image of a demi-god, basking in sunlight and laureates. And there is again a saxophone, this resurgence of which is one of the more worthy trends in music these days.

This World is not Enough comes out March 31 on Sacred Bones.