Martin j. Ballou, “Midnight Romance”

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Martin j. Ballou midnight romance

DMV producer Martin J. Ballou recently released “Midnight Romance”, an ethereal electronic track that doubles as a sonic love letter. The song begins with subdued melodies that play off of each other before a tantalizing synthesizer loop takes over the sonic surroundings. The lead melody sounds like some kind of string-woodwind fusion from another galaxy.

Ballou noted via e-mail that the song sounded like “having sex through the galaxy” to him, which inspired the title and #loveinspace Soundcloud hashtag.

Ballou said he was looking to transition from his recent “sad” productions, and found inspiration through a “specific person.” The poem that Ballou performs near the end of the song was “about being with a girl [and] the feeling of having someone next to you that you can vibe with.”

“Midnight Romance” alternates between an energetic dance number and an electro-ballad, which Ballou says was on purpose. “Each section represents different moments with her,” Ballou admitted.

Hopefully it works out and he continues to feel inspired to offer music of this quality.

You can stream “Midnight Romance” below.