Metaform, “Letters to the Void”

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Metaform frontman's Justice Aaron takes on many shapes, styles and guises. With sparse rhythms, far off choral guitar samples and a harp serving as the track's guiding light; Aaron's debut of “Letters to the Void” is an instrumental note sent out to the great unknown. Giving us a taste of the recent tense inner kinesis of, “In My Mind (I Will Wait)“, “Letters” concerns itself with the inner process of formulating a composition from mind to the author's pen.

Justice Aaron wrote us the following letter on memories of sending helium lifted notes to the sky and the art of harp strung quills:

“When I was a kid in school we did this thing where we wrote a letter to a stranger then tied it to a helium balloon and let it fly away. I never got a reply, but this memory stayed with me and often came to mind during the 2 years I spent composing 'Letters to the Void'. One night I finally realized that I am doing the same thing now by releasing music online to my listeners around the world. From this distant moon called Japan I send out these letters and hope that somebody gets them. At the center of 'Letters' is the harp sound which is from Omnisphere (a VST) which I played on aMIDI keyboard. I fell in love with the harp sound as it made me feel as if I were a child again running up green hills.”

Working within the conceptual structure of The Midnight Machine, Justice makes music like a science fiction movie score. The harp and airy vocal samples bring classic renaissance into the digital pools of subdued beats. The instrumental conventions are constantly fed into the tight reigned layers of electronic sound effects that cause them to intertwine and interact in constructive manners. One can read into the stringed instruments and sparse voices as the expressions and intents of a letter sent and met with the contemporary audio processed electronic bass flicker. The audio “Letters to the Void” presents the past's musical tropes of new hopes for a dystopian future where organic matter slides into the multi-formed beds of syntheses.

Metaform's first EP in his sci-fi opera trilogy, The Midnight Machine, Act One, is available now on Amazon and iTunes. All are encouraged to experience for themselves and write Justice their own letters of review.