Meyhem Lauren's Respect The Fly Shit

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As Gangstarr affiliates continue to drop records over Premier production and mixtape rappers hollar about bringing that real New York shit back, it's Heems' Greedhead label that's got the realest shit in the Big Apple. In collaboration with L-R-G, Meyhem Lauren holed up in Suite 423 of the Embassy Inn in Austin,TX for 24-hours with Harry Fraud and Tommy Mas beats and any rapper with a killer 16 who was in the neighborhood for SxSW.

“Fingerless Driving Gloves” is one of the undeniable songs that has to kick off a mixtape, otherwise Meyhem Lauren runs the risk of getting lost in the shuffle and mindless thumbing of rap music. With the bait at the door, there's not a weak cut to follow on Respect The Fly Shit. The meat of the record is like an All-Star dunk contest from NY's finest (save for a Riff Raff verse). Action Bronson furthers the Ghostface comparisons by showing up five times like this is Meyhem's Cuban Linx record. While, Sean Price and Thirstin Howl the III prove there's still gas in the engines amongst NY's new vanguard of raw rap.

With all of the New York shoutouts across the mixtape and nearly every Burrough represented, Respect The Fly Shit is also a record that's rooted in the outlaw life along the Southern borders. It can be heard in Tommy Mas and Harry Fraud's production and further influence is provided by rappers' diets at SxSW as shoutouts to BBQ Brisket and Juevos Rancheros are given.

Meyhem Lauren, “Pan Seared Tilapia” (feat. AG Da Coroner, Action Bronson and Despot)

Download Respect The Fly Shit here.