Mi Ami nix the punk for Decade

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With Ital and Magic Touch becoming viable dance outlets for Daniel Martin-McCormick and Damon Palermo, it felt as though the art-punk band, Mi Ami, might fade into obscurity. Couple the budding careers with transcontinental friendships in San Francisco and Brooklyn and a follow-up to Dolphins seemed unlikely.

Mi Ami lives on with the help of 100% Silk, a fitting home for the mutations of the duo. When third member and bassist Jacob Long left the band, Mi Ami began it's descent into the deeper disco excursions and got plenty weirder – see, “Dolphins”. The band's latest transmission, “Time Of Love,” runs a pulsing house sleight-of-hand before chitz-chitz-chitzing into the electric lights of disco. At 11-minutes in jam time, Martin-McCormick and Palermo let the vibe dominate and keep their vocal musings to rhythmic haunts. We can officially declare Mi Ami a dance project, rather than attach filthy addendum's like “art” or “punk”.

Mi Ami, “Time Of Love”

Mi Ami's Decade is out March 20 on 100% Silk.